Okrug, situated in the very heart of Ciovo island and only a few kilometers from UNESCO town of Trogir, is the most popular destination of Trogir riviera.
Okrug is divided into two regions. Okrug Gornji being the upper region and Okrug Donji the lower region. Both are situated in a spacious and obscured cove, Saldun, one of the most pleasant coves of the Adriatic.
A two kilometer long pebble beach stretches along Okrug Gornji. In the summer months it is the core of the riviera life. Numerous sports and recreational activities crowd the beach with swimmers during the day, whilst the night life continues in numerous bars by the sea.

Apart from its famous 2 km long beach, the most attractive ones are hidden in Duboka and Siroka coves, and near Bok, Businci and Mavarstica facing south. At the very cape, on the west, there is a Kava beach, named after an old quarry nearby. Kancelirovac and Racetinovac coves are popular with those in favour of boat trips.
After lively summer months and a pleasant Indian summer, Okrug turns into a place of its inhabitants, not closing the door to the visitors seeking peace and quiet in nature and long walks by the sea. In winter Okrug is a genuine littoral village of a cosy and tranquil life, full of enjoyment and beauty.
It’s always a pleasant experience to be in Okrug, whether winter or summer. There is always something to new to explore, see, and discover.

On Okrug coast there is an ancient St. Tudor’s church, where according to legend the first Trogirian hermit lived. The ruins of St. Euphemia’s church and convent from late antique period are still present on Fumija island. They were used by Trogirian benedictines during their field work. Noblemen from Trogir used the southern part of Saldun cove to build their villas. The remains of one such villa built by the Racetin brothers are still standing in Racetinovac cove.